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The High Cost of Convenience: A Cautionary Tale

In the vast expanse of the modern business landscape, companies of all sizes are relentlessly pursuing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. One often overlooked aspect in this quest is the domain of managed print services (MPS). It’s a realm where convenience is promised at every turn, but as some discover, at a steep and sometimes hidden cost.

Our journey into this cautionary tale begins with a scenario brought to our attention by one of our diligent IT partners. The narrative unfolds around a client teetering on the edge of a decision that could have led them into a financial quagmire. This story not only sheds light on the intricacies of MPS contracts but also underscores the importance of vigilance and informed decision-making.

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The Existing Predicament

Imagine discovering that your business is hemorrhaging funds through a seemingly benign source: your office copiers. This was the reality for a client who, upon reflection, sensed they were overpaying under their current copier agreement. Their setup included:

– Equipment: 2 x HP Color LaserJet MFP E77830

– Lease Term: 5 Years (September 2019 – September 2024)

– Lease Payments: £8,000 annually

– Print Costs: Colour at 4p per page & Mono at 0.4p per page

Upon scrutinizing the contract, the alarm bells were well-founded. The client was entrenched in a deal that significantly outweighed the value of the services received—a stark reminder of the pitfalls within MPS agreements.

The Alternative Offer: A Mirage of Savings

In their quest for relief, the client encountered an offer from another provider. This new proposition promised to reduce their quarterly lease payments and absorb the existing contract’s settlement. At first glance, the savings seemed tangible, but a deeper analysis painted a different picture:

New Equipment: 2 x Konica Minolta C300i

– New Lease Term: 5 Years (September 2023 – September 2028)

– New Lease Payments: £1,598 quarterly

– New Print Costs: Colour at 3.8p per page & Mono at 0.5p per page

This scenario is emblematic of a widespread practice in the MPS industry—propositions that appear to offer savings but, upon closer examination, reveal themselves to be another layer of financial burden.

The Kingstar Difference: A Unique Approach to Managed Print Services

At the heart of Kingstar Services’ ethos lies a commitment to breaking the cycle of opaque and burdensome managed print service contracts. Our encounter with the aforementioned client not only highlighted the pitfalls within traditional Print Services agreements but also underscored the necessity for a distinct, transparent approach—one that we’ve meticulously crafted to set our offerings apart in the industry.

Tailored Purchase Options

Understanding the financial strain and lack of ownership inherent in many copier leases, Kingstar Services pioneers a different path. Our purchase options are designed with flexibility and transparency at their core, ensuring that businesses can acquire the equipment they need without the daunting overheads and hidden costs.

– Transparent Pricing: We advocate for clear, upfront pricing on all our equipment. This means no hidden fees, no surprises come end of term—just straightforward costs that align with your budget and expectations.

– Ownership from Day One: Unlike traditional lease agreements where the equipment never truly becomes yours, our model ensures that once the final payment is made, the equipment is yours to keep. This principle of ownership empowers businesses to invest in their future, rather than sinking costs into perpetually rented machinery.

– Flexible Payment Plans: Recognizing the varied financial landscapes of businesses, we offer tailored payment plans. This includes our 0% purchase plan, allowing clients to spread the cost over manageable periods—10 months being a popular option. This approach facilitates easier budgeting and ensures that businesses can benefit from the latest technology without the burden of significant upfront investment.

Revolutionary Print Service Contracts

Our service contracts are crafted with the same ethos of clarity and fairness. In an industry where lengthy, restrictive contracts are the norm, Kingstar Services stands out by offering a different kind of commitment:

– 12-Month Rolling Contracts: We believe in the quality of our Print services and equipment, which is why our service agreements are designed on a 12-month rolling basis. This structure provides our clients with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they’re not locked into long-term, inflexible agreements.

– Easy Exit Clauses: Flexibility is key to our client relationships. Our contracts include straightforward terms for those who wish to change or terminate their agreement. We don’t believe in handcuffing clients to our services; instead, we’re confident that the quality of our offerings and the integrity of our practices will be the reason they choose to stay.

– Transparent Service Terms: Every aspect of our Print services agreement is laid out in clear, understandable language. We detail what’s included, from maintenance and repairs to supply costs, ensuring that businesses can plan their expenses without fear of unforeseen charges.

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The Essence of Our Approach

The Kingstar Services approach is not just about offering a different kind of managed print service; it’s about redefining the relationship between service providers and businesses. We strive to be partners in our clients’ success, providing them with the tools and terms that support their growth and operational efficiency.

Our encounter with the client burdened by an onerous contract was a stark reminder of why we do what we do. It’s for every business out there navigating the complex terrain of MPS agreements, searching for a solution that doesn’t just promise value but genuinely delivers it.

We invite you to experience the Kingstar difference—a partnership where transparency, flexibility, and your business’s success are at the heart of every decision. Reach out to us, and let’s explore how we can transform your managed print services into a strategic asset for your business.

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At Kingstar Services, we understand the critical impact that clear, fair managed print services can have on your business’s efficiency and bottom line. Our unique approach is designed not just to meet but exceed your expectations, providing transparent pricing, ownership opportunities, and flexible service agreements that truly set us apart in the industry.

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