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We hope you can find the support and answers you’re looking for on this page, but if not, please go ahead and give us a call, send a message or fill out our form and we will be in touch.

Client’s can easily log a ticket by accessing their client portal. If you are not a client of Kingstar, please use our contact details on this page to get in touch or fill out a form.

Check your computer is fully plugged in at the wall. Also, try resting the breaker by pushing the red or black button near the power switch. If you still have no luck, send us a message or give us a call, and we will assist you. 

We must advise you to shut your computer down properly; this ensures all of the steps are taken, and it can turn off properly.
First of all, make sure your internet is working and your device is connected to it if this isn’t the issue, you will need to check with your internet provider and/or your email provider to see if it is an issue on their end.
It’s a software program that has been intentionally created to destroy data, send or steal information, or simply cause you grief.
Deleting your cookies, clearing any cache and checking you are updated to the latest software your device can handle should all help your computer to run faster.
If you have not used your monitor in a few minutes or longer, it may have gone into sleep mode. In this case, simply moving your mouse around should bring it back on. If this doesn’t work, then try pressing the power button on your monitor, as it may have turned itself off.
The most common reason for a mouse to act erratically is unwanted dirt. Giving it a quick clean will usually solve the issue; if not, plug it into a different computer to see if the issue still occurs. From that information, you can determine whether the mouse needs replacing or not.
A big cause of this issue is storage related; try clearing some space by deleting unwanted emails and see if that makes any difference. Another cause is the attachment may be too big; in this case, you will need to ask the sender to condense it etc. Finally, you may have been blocked; you can check this by viewing your on-hold or junk boxes.
Locate the printer settings, right-click on the correct printer, then right-click on the documents and cancel the ones you no longer wish to print.

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