Will VoIP work during a power outage?

VoIP power outages don’t have to disrupt your phone calls.

With the current energy crisis and concerns over regular power failures this winter, you may be concerned about what this might mean for your business phone. VoIP works over an internet connection, so if a power cut means you lose that internet connection, surely that means you’ll lose VoIP during a power outage?

No. Power outages don’t have to disrupt your VoIP phone calls.

If you lose power, there are ways to keep VoIP running to prevent downtime if the power fails. Your VoIP service provider should be able to quickly help you if a power failure happens and ensure you are unaffected by the power outage.

VoIP phone systems and power failure, common questions:

Does VoIP need electricity?

VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol, which means that it uses the internet to place and receive phone calls. Because it uses the internet, it does not need electricity as long as there is an internet connection or access to mobile data.

Will VoIP work if the internet is down?

Although VoIP won’t work if the internet is down, it will still work if you have access to mobile data. The chances are if your power or internet fails, your VoIP phone or computer may lose the ability to make calls, but mobile data is a great solution here, which we discuss further in this article.

Does data still work if the power goes out?

Yes, data does work if the power goes out. However, data is accessed on electronic devices such as mobile phones that require power to function. To keep your data accessible, your device will need to be powered. Thankfully, mobiles work on battery power and can be a huge help in case of a power outage.

Will a landline work in a power outage?

A landline will work in a power outage if you have a traditional phone service that uses copper wires and the phone does not require additional power. You may find your landline phone continues to work, but cordless phone extensions do not. ISDN or On-premises systems will not work if power is lost on-site.

If the phone lines go down, then a landline won’t work, whereas this would not affect a VoIP phone unless it disrupts the internet connection.

3 Ways to deal with a VoIP power outage

A power outage can be a frustrating experience at any time, especially when you’re trying to run a business. Power lines can be affected due to bad weather, and warnings of the energy crisis disrupting power supplies could be a real concern for business owners.

However, there are ways to ensure your VoIP phones work in the event of downed power.

1. Backup power supply

A backup power supply is a device that provides power to a system or device in the event of a primary power outage. A backup power supply can be used to maintain power to a system or device or to provide power for a short period of time until the primary power source can be restored.

Many types of backup power supplies are available, including battery backups, generators, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Battery backups are typically used for small devices like computers and routers. Generators can provide power for larger devices, such as servers, and can be used for long periods. UPS systems are typically used for mission-critical devices, such as VoIP systems, and can provide power for a short period of time until the primary power source can be restored.

To ensure that your phone system is always available, you should connect your phone system to a backup power source. If you are using a VoIP system, you should consider using a UPS system to ensure that your system remains operational in the event of a power outage.

2. Use mobile devices

A mobile device can be a great way to stay connected, even during a power outage. VoIP systems and services are becoming increasingly popular, and modern VoIP systems can work to your advantage. You can configure your system to route calls to smartphones so that you can still receive calls even if your power is out.

You’ll need a phone app to make and receive phone calls on your iPhone or another mobile device. Your VoIP service provider can advise you on what you need. This then uses the data on your mobile, so if your internet is down, you can continue to use VoIP.

3. Route calls to an alternative site

In a power outage, you can route calls to an alternative site with both Internet access and power. This might be to your home if your office is affected or to another team member in another location who is still connected to the internet. 

The beauty of VoIP is you can make and receive incoming calls in different locations without it disrupting your business.

Never miss a call!

At Kingstar Voice, we can ensure you never miss a call. As soon as we know of a power disruption to your business, we can switch your calls to your smartphones when the power fails.

Want to know more and be confident you can work even when the power goes out? Get in touch.

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Voip Power Outage
Will VoIP work if there is a power outage?

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