Is Your Business Ready For The Landline Switch Off?​

Make sure your business is ready for the switch-off by 2025. Get in touch now to see how Kingstar Services can help you prepare.
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The UK’s public telephone network is on its way out.

By 2025, the existing copper cable infrastructure for telephone lines will be obsolete. Instead, businesses will use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Make sure your company is ready for the future by preparing today.

Landline Switch off

Current technology doesn’t cater to modern business needs, so switching over to more efficient solutions is a must. In 2025, current telephone technology will no longer exist.

What Needs To Be Done?

Despite sounding daunting, all you need to do from a business perspective is switch to a VoIP service. This is where Kingstar Services comes in.

Flexible & Low Cost

VoIP is software-based, meaning you have greater control over prices and that you don’t need additional infrastructure or hardware. It’s also infinitely scalable based on your internet connection, so you’ll be ready for the future.


No More Landline

In September 2023, telecom providers will be issued a stop-sell notice. It means you’ll no longer be able to buy new lines or installations, bringing the concept of a landline firmly to an end.


BT announced switch-off


BT started switch-off


No new line installations


PSTN & ISDN complete switch-off

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Kingstar Voice

Kingstar Voice is a VoIP services provider. We can help your business make the switch by providing the software you need to continue running smoothly. Get in contact to find out more about what we do.


The Only Way Forward

Lower Costs

VoIP is software-based, so you don’t need to worry about changing infrastructure. As you already pay for your internet connection, it ends up being more cost-effective.

Increased Productivity

Handle calls with greater ease and flexibility, allowing your staff to be more productive all round. Our VoIP portal offers control over where calls go and who handles them.

Greater Scalability

For the same reasons, it’s infinitely scalable. VoIP can keep up with your business needs both now and in the future thanks to its cloud-based solutions.


You’ll no longer need a desk phone for every worker. VoIP is accessible from all manner of devices.

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Some Questions & Their Answers

The official switch-off date for landlines is December 2025. Of course, you’ll need to have moved to VoIP before then, so we recommend starting as soon as you can.
Many businesses already use VoIP, particularly larger ones. Until now, cost has generally kept smaller entities out of the market. But Kingstar Services is here to change that, giving businesses of all sizes the chance to work with VoIP.
Very little. We’ll provide the software and sort everything out for you. The switch is totally seamless with no downtime at all.
Many systems use PSTN, including door entry systems, lift emergency lines, payment terminals, and cash machines. All this will need to be migrated to a VoIP system in time for the switch-off.

Embrace the future of telecoms

We are a support company that provides the services required to allow you to run your business and make sure you can concentrate on the important things.

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